20th Gut Day Symposium is at Wageningen, The Netherlands

platform presentations 2015

platform presentations

Some presenters don’t want their abstract or presentation published on the website because of confidential data
  • Romy Zwittink
    (Winner of the Winclove Award for oral presentation)

Gestational age of preterm infants is associated with intestinal microbiota composition and activity (Summary of presentation)

  • Djawad Radjabzadeh

Population-based gut microbiome profiling in 5000 samples (Abstract)

  • Shan Li

Blood bacterial dysbiosis is associated with glioma turmorigenesis

  • Marisol Aguirre

Diet drives quick changes in the metabolic activity and composition of human gut microbiota in a validated in vitro gut model (Presentation)

  • Danyta Tedjo

The fecal microbiota as a biomarker for disease activity in Crohn’s disease (Abstract)

  • Hanne Tytgat

Glycosylated heterotrimeric pili of L. Rhamnosus GG interact with dendritic cells via DC-sign  (Presentation)

  • Antoni Hendrickx

Antibiotics driven dusbiosis mediate intraluminal agglutination and alternative segregation of Enterococcus faecium from the intestinal epithelium (Abstract)

  • Marija Selak

Complementary degradation mechanisms of insulin-type fructtans and arabinoxylan-oligosaccharides among bifidobacterial strains isolated from the simulator of the human intestinal microbial ecosystem (Abstract)

  • Javier Ramiro Garcia

NG-Tax, a highly accurate and validated pipeline for analysis of 165 rRNA amplicons from complex biomes (Presentation)

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