21th Gut Day Symposium is at Amsterdam, The Netherlands

platform presentations 2017

platform presentations

Some presenters don’t want their abstract or presentation published on the website because of confidential data
  • Lisa Miclotte
    (Winner of the Winclove Award for oral presentation)

Detrimental Mechanisms of dietery emulsifiers in the gut ((Part of) Presentation)

  • Joan Edwards

Domesticated equines differ in their faecal microbiome composition (Abstract)

  • Felice Mastroleo

Investigations on the potential radio-protective properties of edible cyanobacterium during pelvic irradiation in a mouse model (Abstract)

  • Bastiaan Haak

Butyrate-producing bacteria associated with ameliorating viral respiratory infections following allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (Abstract)

  • Koen Venema

Novel insight in the role of the gut microbiota in obesity: beyond composition, towards activity and functionality (Abstract)

  • Karin Strijbis

Transmembrane mucins: barrier and signaling function at the intestinal host-microbe interface (Abstract )

  • Anita Rita da Silva Ferreira

Bacteria from rats used for the chemotherapy-induced mucositis model are stimulated by riboflavin (Abstract)

  • Marlies Mulder

The effect of antimicrobial drug use on the composition of the urinary microbiota in an elderly population

  • Cindy Duysburgh

Axos and inulin impact inter-individual variation on microbial metabolism and composition, which immunomodulates human cells (Abstract )

  • Floor Hugenholtz

The role of the gut microbiome and disease severity in malaria (Abstract)

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