20th Gut Day Symposium is at Wageningen, The Netherlands

poster presentations 2014

poster presentations

Some presenters don’t want their abstract or presentation published on the website because of confidential data
  • Julie Vanden Bussche
    (Winner of the Winclove Award for poster presentation)

Metabolic fingerprinting of the human gastrointestinal phenotype in health and disease (Abstract)

  • Marisol Aguirre

To pool or not to pool? Impact of the use of individual and pooled fecal samples for in vitro fermentation studies (Presentation)

  • Adriaan van Beek

Long-term probiotic intervention alters immune competence and gut barrier in fast Ercc1-/Δ7 mice (Presentation)

  • Eef Boets

Production of short chain fatty acids during colonic fermentation of inulin: a stable-isotope study in humans (Presentation)

  • Tom van den Bogert

Congruency of phylogenetic composition and activity patterns in the human small intestine (Presentation)

  • Annemarie Boleij

GPR35: a potential colon epithelial cell receptor for the bacteroides fragilis toxin

  • Carien Bus-Spoor

Practical Course experiment: demonstrate that the intake of probiotics results in the detection of the probiotic strain in feces (Presentation)

  • Maria Carmen Cenit Laguna

The influence of a short-term gluten free diet on the human microbiome (Presentation)

  • Maysa van Doorn-Schepens

The non-selective effect of selective digestive decontamination (SDD) on gut microbiota (Presentation)

  • Anat Eck

Gut microbiota in diverticulosis is not different from a control population (Presentation)

  • Evelien de Groot

Disease specific differences in intestinal microbiota between paediatric-IBD and controls (Presentation)

  • Gerben Hermes

Evaluating next generation sequencing based approaches for intestinal microbiota profiling at improved spatio-temporal resolution (Presentation)

  • Floor Hugenholtz

Unravelling the fate of dietary fibers in the murine cecum (Presentation)

  • Loo Wee Chia

Cross feeding interaction of Akkermansia muciniphila and anaerostipes caccae

  • Eline Oerlemans

Influence of neuroinflammation on gut microbiota composition (Presentation)

  • Noora Ottman

Immunostimulatory properties of Akkermansia muciniphila

  • Janneke Ouwerkerk

Genomic divergence of the gut symbiont Akkermansia muciniphila

  • Marija Selak

Colon site- and strain-specific variation in the fermentation of inulin-type fructans by Bifidobacteria from the human gut (Presentation)

  • Danyta Tedjo

The effect of sampling and storage on the fecal microbiota composition in healthy and diseased subjects (Presentation)

  • Jueeli D. Vaidya

Comparison of DNA extraction methods and their impact on rumen microbial diversity in dairy cows

  • Florence Van Herreweghen

Unraveling the behavior of Akkermansia muciniphila in a complex microbial gut community (Presentation)

  • Eline Vanlancker

Short-term effects of a single dose of 5-fluorouracil on gut microbiota

  • Beatrice Wegge

Effect of coated calcium butyrate on the microbiota in the colon of veal calves fed soy protein (Presentation)

  • Karen Windey

The effect of high protein and standard protein weight loss diets on colonic fermentation and fecal water toxicity (Presentation)

  • Karen Windey

Fecal counts of sulfate-reducing bacteria affect the degree of fecal water genotoxicity after high protein intake (Presentation)

  • Maartje Zijlmansli>

Maternal prenatal stress is associated with th infant intestinal microbiota (Presentation)

  • Romy Zwittink

Gestational age influences intestinal microbiota development in preterm infants (Presentation)

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