20th Gut Day Symposium is at Wageningen, The Netherlands

poster presentations 2016

poster presentations

Some presenters don’t want their abstract or presentation published on the website because of confidential data
  • Sander Grefte
    (Winner of the Winclove Award for poster presentation)

Intestinal epithelial integrity depends on mitochondrial energy production (Poster presentation)

  • Ran An

In vitro indigestible carbohydrate fermentation by intestinal microbiota of elderly and adults gut (Poster presentation)

  • Carlijn Bruggeling

Studying organization and composition of mucosal bacteria by fluorescent in situ hybridization (fish) and metagenome sequencing

  • Carlota Bussolo de Souza

Lean and obese microbiota: differences in in vitro fermentation of by-products from Brazilian food industry (Poster presentation)

  • Joyce Schloesser

In vitro validation of potential (anti) – inflammatory properties of food ingredients unveiled by text mining (Abstract)

  • Davide Gottardi

Microbial consortia developed with the Valor4Gut platfrom as a strategy to recover from gut dysbiosis (Abstract)

  • Lieselot Hemeryck

Red meat and animal fat intake induce DNA adduct formation in rat liver, duodenum and colon (Abstract and Poster presentation )

  • Jocelijn Meijerink

DHA-5-HT, a serotonin conjugate formed in gut from the n-3 PUFA DHA, attenuates IL-23 signaling driving Th17 activation in macrophages (Poster presentation)

  • Eleni Sibbald-Tsompanidou

Novel culturing system for isolating commensal gut bacteria (Presentation)

  • Lise Deroover

Quantification of plasma or serum short-chain fatty acids: choosing the correct blood tube (Abstract)

  • Emmy Van Daele

The impact of breastmilk and delivery mode on the infant’s gut microbiota

  • Antonio Diogo Silva Vieira

Survival of Bifidobacterium longum BB-46 in a fermented soy beverage supplemented with acerola-by-product under in vitro gastrointestinal stress (Abstract)

  • Florence Van Herreweghen

Akkermansia muciniphila colonization of an in vitro distal colon is largely mucin and pH dependent (Poster presentation and Abstract)

  • Lieven Van Meulebroek

Implementing lipidomics to increase faecal metabolome coverage: case study in type 2 diabetes (Abstract)

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